To do my very BEST to describe any visual cufflink flaws and/or imperfections
To show a minimal of 3 photographic views of the cufflink: the front, the back and a close-up
To acknowledge when a cufflink is the result of a marriage and not in it's original manufactured state
To critique all enamelled surfaces as to chips, cracks, abrasions, bubbles, color oozing and debris
To comment about any broken and/or lose parts on a cufflink, including repairs

I will not indiscriminately use adjectives in our listings, especially the word RARE
I will only refer to a cufflink as antique if it was made prior to 1900
I will not refer to 1/20 12K G.F. ( goldfilled ) as 12K Gold nor silver plate as solid silver or Sterling
I will not refer to glass as a precious or semi-precious gemstone
I will not refer to celluloid and other man made plastics as ivory, amber, tortoise, jade
or any other natural occuring substance

And last but certainly not least . . . I will do my best to continue to offer for sale on ebay,
affordable interesting and unusual vintage cufflinks

As a vintage cufflink collector, you have close to 400 years of cufflink history to choose from

Cufflinks were influenced by culture, war, economic growth & decline, industrial advances, companies & great love affairs

Join me in documenting this vast and often overlooked collectable